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Couples Retreat – Columbia River Gorge

What an incredible opportunity!  Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins near the Columbia River Gorge is pleased to welcome Louis Carosio and Trinity Harris as they host “The Undefeated Heart” Couples Retreat.  Experience romance, cabins and an incredible couple’s retreat weekend focused on your most important relationship.  Please read on and consider attending.  Call Staci at 509-427-7777 to register.

Join us for a weekend like no other! Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins invites you and your partner to attend “The Undefended Heart Louis-and-Trinity-2011Couples Retreat” with husband and wife team Louis Carosio and Trinity Harris of Pathways to Radiant Loving.   This very special weekend gives needed time to your most important relationship, helps you to find a powerfully renewed sense of connection, passion and love and discover the skills to maintain it over time.

What is more important in our lives than loving and feeling loved? What is more important than to feel positively connected to the person we have chosen as our beloved? And though we often begin our relationships with that love and connection, why is it that over time we lose the power of what we knew so well in the beginning?   And most importantly, how do we get it back and keep it alive?  It is all these themes and questions that hold the foundation for this couple’s retreat.  Through this weekend you will connect, share, romance, love, and discover the depth and truth of your hearts.

In this Columbia River Gorge couples retreat Louis and Trinity have created a very special weekend that will help you to develop connection and deepen in your respect, affection and closeness.  This retreat fosters greater presence and increased acceptance within your relationship and helps couples really talk to one another, giving needed time to the nurturing of your relationship.  With processes, honed over time, Trinity and Louis help you and your partner find what they call your Undefended Heart-loving, clear and connected.   They teach you simple but powerful practices to take home and continue the connection. These retreats are known to be filled with laughter and couples are delighted at what a good time they have!

This retreat is a relationship enrichment retreat and if couple’s are in high conflict or feeling their marriage is in jeopardy they are better served through individual counseling.

At this retreat you will…Retreat_Couple_2

• Discover what it really takes to cultivate satisfaction in your relationship.

• Find out what happens when you truly show up for one another.

• Learn how to ask for and receive what you want from your partner.

• Move from blame, criticism and withdrawal to connection and harmony.

• Increase acceptance and compassion.

• Discover the power of simple practices to enhance connection and intimacy.

• Benefit from individual attention from facilitators (7 couples maximum).retreat_couple

But don’t take our word for it … here is what couple’s from last April had to say about this retreat.

“This retreat was exactly what we needed.  I love over-hearing my husband telling our friends how much he loved it and wishes we had done this years ago!  A peace has settled over our home and our relationship/marriage.  Thank you!”  TBC- Portland, OR

 The Radiant Loving Couples Retreat is one that we highly recommend to any couples wanting to develop a deeper sense of love, acceptance, and understanding between themselves. It was obvious from the moment we arrived that Trinity and Louis have been working together for years on developing the best retreat they can; from the first evening and their creation of a truly open and sharing space, we knew we had chosen correctly in signing up. Rather than focusing on trouble, pain, and other negativity, the Radiant Loving Retreat is centered around a becoming better individuals within the relationship, around presence, and around practices that can be taken home once the weekend is over and used as part of a daily regime to continue building (or repairing) communication channels and love between each other.
We will certainly attend another retreat again. C&J, Florence Oregon

 We wanted to thank Trinity and Louis for not only facilitating a beautiful weekend experience but also for providing us the tools to use everyday going forward. We have already put them to use! On our trip home we were both able to enjoy the view and a discussion processing the events and emotions of the weekend. It was a meaningful end to a pivotal weekend.  Our marriage is stronger than ever. We have connected on a level that we have always dreamed of. We aspire to keep that connection alive and look forward to using the tools daily. We also look forward to working with you in the future.  J&LS-Mill Creek, Washington

 “The retreat was awesome, we were both able to open up to each other. Being in a group realizing that all of us go through similar things was so helpful . And both of you are such great facilitators!
Thank You.”
BR – Eugene, OR

About Louis and Trinity: Louis Carosio and Trinity Harris are therapist and teachers who live in Eugene Oregon and are co-founders of The Radiant Life Center and Pathways to Radiant Loving.  They have been offering this retreat for the past 7 years.  They bring to this retreat 29 years of relationship experience and 30 years of therapeutic experience as well as their absolute passion for relationship.  They know how to help couples find deepening love and connection and to rekindle that spark that brought them together in the first place.  They know how to help people create relationships that will give them tremendous happiness for many years.  Why? Because absolutely everything they teach, they live and have worked within their own relationship so they know the benefits.  Something that is often said of them is that they truly walk their talk.


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