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Wine, Chocolate, and Yoga

Wine, Chocolate, and Yoga Retreat, May 27-29, 2011.

Three of the best things in life, in our opinion, are wine, chocolate, and yoga. That’s why we’re hosting a Wine, Chocolate and Yoga workshop at our Carson Ridge private luxury cabins. Join us May 27-29, 2011, and indulge your body and soul.

Have you ever experienced chocolate with every part of your being? Have you used chocolate to activate your chakras. Have you tried wine and chocolate together? After yoga?

Chocolate is an almost magical substance. It is good for your health (in moderation, of course) and can help balance your hormones. It can also heighten senses. There is a reason many of us crave chocolate when our hormones are acting up or we’re sad – it’s instinctive. Wine contains some of the same curative elements as chocolate: flavonoids and antioxidants, and moderate consumption can lead to the same effects.

Yoga needs no flavonoids or antioxidants. It is what it is – an excellent form of exercise and meditation. Through yoga we experience our bodies. We learn to gauge what we can do now and to trust that we can go deeper, wider. We balance. Yoga reminds us to be here, now, and now, and now.

Participants of the Wine, Chocolate, and Yoga Retreat at our Columbia River Gorge Cabins will taste chocolate and wine, meditate, and do yoga. Chakras will be opened, senses amplified. We’ll delight in the sensual experiences of taste and movement. Nothing more is needed.

Details about the Wine, Chocolate, and Yoga Retreat are available at Columbia River Gorge Cabins Events.

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