Best Rest Found at our Luxury Cabins in Washington State

October 2, 2012

Our Columbia River Gorge lodging offers the best rest as guests usually describe their stay as providing true tranquility in our luxury cabins in Washington state as one of the most-often-asked questions is what kind of mattresses we provide in our cabins. Between the peaceful, relaxing setting and the sumptuously comfortable beds, it’s no wonder that our guests frequently comment on “sleeping like a rock.” Whether they come to visit us from the a city or suburban area with a lot of ambient noise, or they live in a boisterous household, or they’ve just never slept on a mattress as amazing as ours, they just can’t get over how well they sleep. That pleases us because, after all, that’s part of being on vacation. It doesn’t matter if you’re just here for a one-night getaway or you’re spending a week with us, using our Columbia River Gorge lodging as a headquarters for sightseeing and recreational activities from Portland to Mount St. Helens. Tranquility counts when it’s time to rest. Of course we’re not all about sleep, even though we do take our tranquility seriously. Here, you can sit back and relax all day long. Start your morning rocking in the swing on your private porch, with a cup of coffee or tea. If you’re quiet, you’ll get to observe our resident wildlife. Lately we’ve been enjoying watching the black-tail deer munch on our blackberries and apples. Our beautiful fall days have been perfect for sitting in the Adirondack chairs up on our terraced wedding lawns. They’re just right for a quiet chat, reading a good book, or just soaking up the sun. Ah, but winter is coming. It’s beautiful in an entirely different way here when it’s raining or snowy, but you’ll probably want to take tranquility indoors, tucked into one of the cozy leather chairs in front of your fireplace. However you choose to spend your day – exploring the area or taking a break – our Columbia River Gorge lodging and our incomparable beds will have you sleeping like a rock at night where your best rest can be found!