Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins Teams Up with Zoller’s Outdoor Odyssey

March 17, 2014

Thrill seekers! This is for YOU!
For the adventure seekers it would be a shame to visit the Columbia River Gorge and not go on a thrilling, hair-raising, wild whitewater rafting trip! The winter snow melt helps create some of the best rafting you can find. Call Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins during the month of March and book a two night stay (minimum) for June and receive a buy one get one free, super fun, rafting trip with Zoller’s Outdoor Odyssey! Zoller’s offers some of the best rafting around! They go that extra mile to ensure their guests are having fun, are safe and the equipment they use is CLEAN! Zoller rafting is a beautiful 25 minute drive east of our Columbia River Gorge cabins and is a fabulous way to spend one of your days in the Gorge! Call us at 509-427-7777 and ask for the Zoller Rafting Special and we will do the rest!