Columbia River Gorge Hiking: Dog Mountain

January 7, 2014

Coumbia River Gorge Hiking
Gorgeous Dog Mountain Vistas
Typically my blog is brought to you by first hand experiences – driving across really cool bridges, tasting wine at fabulous wineries, eating food fit for a king prepared by some of the best chefs around or even doing absolutely nothing here at our Carson, WA Luxury Cabins. But today’s topic, about Columbia River Gorge Hiking at Dog Mountain, I must leave to the experts. I am a full blown professional when it comes to lack of lung capacity and muscle strength (don’t judge me – I am starting a new fitness regime at Columbia Gorge Crossfit) and I honestly do not think I could successfully conquer one of the most challenging Columbia River Gorge hiking items on the checklist of beautiful hikes in this area (Dog Mountain is also #3 on our list of 101 things to do in Hood River). I’m revisiting the idea this summer.  So, stay tuned. In the meantime, for those of you who are athletic, in-shape, go-getters with a real zest for Columbia River Gorge hiking that has a magical reward at the end of an arduous task, may I present to you DOG MOUNTAIN!  The “black diamond” trail does not disappoint.  The six mile loop has it all – steep inclines, majestic views, wild flowers in May and enough bragging rights to earn you the privilege of posting an online review or at least a cold brew at one of our local breweries once you finish your hike! Don’t let me discourage you – but rather challenge you!  Grab your hiking gear, favorite walking stick, trusty hiking buddy (if it is the four legged kind please bring a leash), plenty of cool water and an energy snack and get here quick and put that big ol’ dog in its rightful place – under your feet! Happy Coumbia River Gorge hiking.