Cozy Washington State Cabins in the Gorge for the Rainy Season

December 12, 2013

It is the beginning of winter and the rains have not quite settled in here at our Columbia River Gorge bed and breakfast. If you have never experienced a Columbia River Gorge rainy season let me encourage you to get here soon! Having rain turns out to be the biggest non-event ever! It doesn’t slow any one down a single bit – which is amazing! I lived 35 years in the flat-lands of Kansas where a rain storm was always an event. The wind would change directions and a new chill would fill the air. The leaves had this strange way of sort of flipping over from their normal position on the tree to almost facedown. Folks could be seen scurrying about outside picking up toys, removing lawn furniture cushions and other items that had the potential to blow away. And the telltale sign was always the huge thunderheads that you could watch for hours and hours as they would majestically build out on the horizon. Here, in beautiful Carson, Washington, near our Columbia River Gorge bed and breakfast, the rains just come – silently, softly, with little to no fanfare. The sky just emits a gentle mist of water – barely enough water to use the windshield wipers intermittently. In fact, the rain is so much of a non-issue here in the Gorge no one lets it slow them down at all! Panther Creek Falls is still the most beautiful place ever, even with the rain. The local breweries still make some of the best brew in the land, even with the rain. Area restaurants still fill a plate to the edges with delicious fare, even in the rain. And best of all? Carson Ridge Cabins are designed to give you the perfect place to relax and regenerate your weary soul after you have played in the Gorge, even in the rain. So come stay with us for a spell at our Columbia River Gorge bed and breakfast. We will turn on your front porch light, start your fireplace so your cabin is cozy and warm and we will even have homemade chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven waiting for you when you arrive, even in the rain.