Doggone Dog Mountain!

April 10, 2014

Alright you mighty hiker-warriors!  It is time to get your hike on.  Dog Mountain is one of the premier wild flower viewing places in the entire Columbia Gorge and is just a short drive from our property. Allow me to paint a picture for you:  You arrive at Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins after a long week at work, completely exhausted and ready for some serious rejuvenation.   Tranquility.  Peace.  Calm.  It pervades every inch of ground and is palatable to your soul.  As you are escorted to your private, luxurious, well appointed cabin you begin to feel the weight of the week slough away.  You begin to stand a little straighter, your strides become more confident.  You are ready to tackle Dog Mountain!  But not before you spend the night in a comfy bed referred to by one of our regulars as “the cloud”. After a restful and relaxing night’s sleep you are greeted by a hearty, three course breakfast to fuel your epic trek.  So don those cushion socks, layer on your hiking gear and head to Dog Mountain.  But be prepared!  The loop is six miles and will take you a good four hours to complete.  It is not for the faint of heart or the hiker-wannabe.  A true hikers hike, Dog Mountain will not disappoint.  The first half mile of steep switch backs will have you singing the praises of your gym instructor who barked out, “Give me 10 more burpees!” The accomplishment and the bragging rights that accompany the climb are undeniable.  But the views at the top are truly the best part of the hike.  So get off the computer and get out there and hike Dog Mountain!  And when you are finished you will take great joy knowing there is a hydrotherapy tub with your name on it waiting for you back at Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins!
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Gorgeous Dog Mountain Vistas