Explore the Fruit Loop of Hood River Valley

October 29, 2014

  I just love telling guests they should spend the day on the Fruit Loop.  It makes me smile every single time I say it!  I mean how can you not have a great time spending the day cruising the 35 mile Fruit Loop?  Images of fruit lined loop-de-loops or sugary fruit flavored cereal springs to mind – but the real Fruit Loop is so much more!
  • Fruit farms with rows and rows of trees full of plump juicy cherries, pears and apples
  • Alpaca farms with furry alpacas and lovely handmade alpaca mittens and sweaters and gorgeous yarn and scarves
  • Deep purple lavender fields with rows and rows of mesmerizing and calming flowers
  • You-pick flower farms with the most delicate flowers to choose from
  • Fruit stands with buckets and bushels of ripe goodies and jams and jellies and other delectable delights for you to enjoy
  • Wineries serving some of the country’s finest wine paired with just the right morsel for tasting
  • Hard cider made from apples, pears, berries and every combination you can imagine
  • Bocce ball complete with picnicking
  • And the list goes on!

Just stop in the office here at Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins and get your map of the magical Fruit Loop Hood River Valley. And don’t miss Panorama Point for the best views of Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood – and of course the patchwork quilt of the local farm land.