Fall Doesn’t Really Get Any Prettier

October 17, 2013

It is common for exquisitely beautiful parts of the country to tout their ability to stun with fabulous fall colors.  Well, the Columbia River Gorge does not dissapoint!  This is my first fall here in the Pacific Northwest and I must tell you the colors are amazing.
Fall romantic getaway in Washington State
Spectacular Washington State Fall Colors

If you decide to indulge on a romantic getaway in Washington State, there are two very distinct ways of taking in all of the colors.  The first, and surely the most popular, is the vista view – taking in as much landscape as the eye can hold.  Begin by slowly scanning from sky to horizon while soaking in every drop of color your eyes can process.  Greens vibrant enough to make a frog jealous, eye-popping yellows bright enough to warrant sunglasses, rustic reds and soothing oranges dance around each other like an uninhibited 4 year old at a wedding party.  Seriously – these are some mighty big colors I am talking about! 

The second way to view the colors is up close and personal.  On a walk in the woods or a stroll through the meadow, stop and really study not only the colors but the plant featuring the color.  I was walking our property yesterday and came across this bush probably four feet tall tucked in between an evergreen tree and a Chinese maple tree.  The little bush had the most incredible colored little clumps of berries I have ever seen.  They were purple – but not just any purple mind you!  These little balls of delight were deep, shiny, metallic, iridescent clusters of goodness draped seductively from a thin twig surrounded by small green leaves.  Tiny, pint-sized beads of color begging to be copied in the world of fashion – simply stunning!

romantic getaway in washington state fall colors
Autumnal beauty everywhere.

Take the time to slow down a bit during your romantic getaway in Washington State.  Enjoy the view.  Walk the walk you have been talking about taking.  Dust off your hiking boots and go be one with all that is beautiful in the Gorge. Remember that our Mt. Hood bed and breakfast is the perfect basecamp for your fall fun. If you need a recommendation of where to get lost in color and nature just ask – I know where Peter Pan and Tinkerbell live when they are not working (wink, wink).  But don’t wait too long – these colors won’t be here long!  

A special THANK YOU to recent guest, Richelle Green, r. greene photography, for sharing her stunning photos.