“It was magical — everything we envisioned.”

June 18, 2013

outdoor seating at a wedding
We just waved farewell to another delighted wedding party here at our romantic luxury cabins. One of the wonderful things about having a variety of beautifully landscaped and natural areas is that individual guests and groups can take advantage of all the nooks and crannies. Our most recent wedding party gathered guests on our tiered lawns for live music and conversation, then divided them into the two family groups. They took separate paths up our grassy hillside and met in the heart-shaped clearing at the top, where they were greeted by the wedding couple who then lead them as one back down to the lawns for their official ceremony. It was a creative and romantic approach, something that probably wouldn’t have worked as well – or at all — anywhere else. Our romantic luxury cabins offered just the right accommodations for key members of the wedding party. Everyone had plenty of privacy and super-comfy in-cabin details, but they could have fun together they worked on last-minute wedding details. We’re a bed and breakfast, of course, so each morning additional friends and family members staying in nearbyHoodRiverjoined the wedding party for a sumptuous hot breakfast on the lawn near our lodge dining room. The weather was perfect, and everyone got to spend more time together. After all, it wasn’t just a wedding, it was a joining of two families who got to know each other while they were here. If you know someone who’s planning a more intimate wedding, whether it’s an elopement or a relatively small gathering, why not suggest they give us a call to discuss the possibilities of bringing it all together at our romantic luxury cabins?