Lavender – Such a Soothing Word

January 10, 2014

lavender near our columbia gorge cabins

Lavender bath salts, lotion, bath gel, massage oil, essential oil, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, herbs, reed diffuser, furniture polish, sachet and yes, even coat lotion for your pet!  Who knew there were so many wonderful uses?  We have gorgeous lavender plants scattered randomly across our property here at our Columbia Gorge cabins and it is hard to pass them by in the summertime and not stop and admire them – or at least pause to acknowledge where that powdery  fresh and oh so tender fragrance is coming from. What makes lavender so special?  Its medicinal powers have been touted since the 1500’s and lords and ladies have been using it for a variety of purposes for centuries.  The lavender plant is actually from the mint family (lavender juleps?!) and our favorite use of lavender at our Columbia Gorge Cabins is bath salts!  Aromatic salts are placed in each luxury cabin for guest’s use in our fabulous hydrotherapy spa tubs or Jacuzzi tubs.  No, they don’t bubble (that would make a huge mess!) but they do emit a lovely scent that is both soothing and inviting.  So sprinkle a handful in your tub and get to soaking.  You’ve got a lot of lavender farms near our Columbia Gorge cabins to visit! Here are a few to choose from: Hood River Lavender Farms Lavender Valley Hoffman Hills Lavender Farm By the way, we cut our lavender in the fall and bundle it for our guests – just ask the innkeeper of our Columbia Gorge cabins if there is any on-hand – we love to share!