Naked Winery in Hood River is an Oregon Treasure

October 6, 2017

Naked Winery in Hood River

North of California’s prestigious Napa Valley, the wineries in Oregon and Washington State have made a name for themselves. In the past decade, Washington itself has more than tripled its number of wineries and the industry is continuing to grow! Cool climate grapes thrive in this area, and wineries have definitely taken advantage. When you stay at Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins, take some time to visit some of the gorgeous wineries in the area, like Naked Winery in Hood River! Sit back and relax with a glass of delicious wine at this family-run winery.

About Naked Winery in Hood River

Naked Winery in Hood River wants you to share a glass of wine with someone you love. They believe that time spent together is the most important thing in your relationship, and their wines can help you do that! They focus on the romance of wine which can be seen in their risqué labels and name. This winery is run by the Barringer and Michalec families in their hometown of Hood River, but they have multiple tasting rooms throughout Oregon. We recommend visiting their Hood River tasting room because it’s so close to Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins!

Visiting Naked Winery in Hood River

The main tasting room of Naked Winery in Hood River is just moments from the winery itself and is less than a half hour away from Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins. They are open every day of the week with varying hours, so just make sure you check their website before you go! When you go to a tasting, you can choose from 8 or more wines. Try them individually for $2 a splash, or get a $15 flight to keep your Naked Winery glass. There are always cheeses, crackers, and chocolates left out to compliment your wine tasting experience. If you find one you like, you can always take a bottle home or back to your cabin to indulge in with your sweetheart!

The Wines

Naked Winery in Hood River offers a variety of wine types. They believe that good wine starts with the ingredients, so they put extra care into growing their fruits. They offer both red and white wines. Their red grapes benefit from heat, so they are grown in the hot and dry Applegate and Columbia Valley regions of Oregon and Washington. Their white grapes are grown in the cool climate of Willamette and Rogue Valley and Columbia Gorge to produce subtle and complex wines. You can browse through their varieties at the tasting room or order online!

Stay at Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins

Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins is perfect for a romantic getaway. Located in Washington next to the Columbia River border of Oregon, you have so many activities right at your fingertips! You’ll love visiting places like the Naked Winery in Hood River. After your visit, make sure to bring back a bottle of your favorite wine to split with your other half on your private porch or Jacuzzi tub. Or, Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins can make sure a bottle of wine is already in your cozy cabin when you arrive with our romance packages. We want your stay to be extra special!