Old Historic Highway 30

December 19, 2013

Washington Road Trips           Get your motor running Head out on the highway Looking for adventure And whatever comes our way You all know the tune – Born to be Wild by The Cult (Electric 1987).  What a classic song!  And no other song describes Old Historic Highway 30 any better.  The great curves, the seclusion, the breathtaking views, the quaint eateries that are nestled in the trees just beyond the next curve and the waterfalls!  Oh the waterfalls are simply magnificent! Everyone puts Multnomah Falls, a perfect day trip from our Carson, WA luxury cabins, on their list of must see places in the area – and it is a must see – with its rich history, magical overspray, beautiful site of rushing and pounding water, nostalgic gift shop, delicious restaurant (try the Bloody Mary’s if you imbibe)  it is a definite stop.  But don’t short change yourself and miss out on all the other spectacular wonders along this scenic route.  Which I would be remiss if I did not mention is just a jaunt and a wink from our Carson, WA luxury cabins! Check out these links – they describe the spectacular road in a way that leaves you no other choice than to hop in, buckle up and check it out! You’ll soon see why it’s #43 on our list of 101 things to do in Hood River. Detailed directions for driving, planning, exploring and seeing everything you could possibly want. Driving the Historic Columbia River Highway. History, maps, activities, photos postcards…look here! http://www.columbiariverhighway.com/ For you history buffs who can’t get enough of the old stuff and fabulous pictures. http://columbiariverimages.com/Regions/Places/historic_columbia_river_highway.html