Springtime Time in Columbia River Gorge

April 27, 2013

Spring Specials Hood River Lodging
It is hard to imagine the beauty that abounds here at our Columbia River Gorge Cabins. The grounds are literally bursting with color! Trees are draped with cascades of tender green leaves; bushes are in full bloom with the most glorious shades of flower petals that would make a paint dealer jealous. And the flowers – who knew there were so many different varieties! When you first arrive on property you are greeted by weeping willows gently swaying their long, graceful branches over the gravel drive, sweetly ushering you to the lodge for check-in. A fresh, mountain breeze greets you in the car park while the lilac bush strains to share its fragrant new buds. The bubbling fountain ripples softly as the gold fish dart about enjoying the freedom from a winter inside.Spring Specials Hood River Lodging As you wander across the property to your cabin there are endless special places to see. Dry creek beds with river rocks and indigenous plants dot Carson Ridge Luxury Cabin’s three acres. Song birds and blue jays along with robins and woodpeckers flit and fly from tree to tree looking for that perfect spot. Each of our Hood River cabins, designed with your privacy and comfort in mind, has its own front porch complete with a hand-crafted, log swing just waiting for you to sit and take in the refreshing views. The meadow grasses are just beginning to proudly take their rightful place in the spring dance. Wildflowers strain to outgrow the grasses, each one adding to the natural beauty of the property. Careful grooming of a narrow trail leading up in to the Carson Ridge Mountain provides a short jaunt to stretch your legs, discover the wild blackberry bushes and perhaps even steal away a few hours for a nap in the hammocks hung in the middle of three massive evergreen trees. The entire Columbia River Gorge area is a beautiful, relaxing place to spend time doing exactly what you want. Being a guest at Carson Ridge is the icing on the cake – a fabulous way to rejuvenate your soul and refresh your mind.